Amorphis – Skyforger

“Skyforger”, the ninth full-length album by Finnish heavy metal band Amorphis was characterized by Esa Holopainen as being: “a strong and unified entity” and “the most musical record […] so far”.
Once again, the lyrical inspiration has been the Finnish national epic, “Kalevala” the only difference being that the songs are not based on a single, certain episode this time, but on several parts of it.

The first track, “Sampo” opens with a keyboard melody, which hints on the presence of less growls, catchy songs and more clean vocals, while the second one, “Silver Bride” is definitely one of the highlights, having been previously released as a single and video.”Sky Is Mine” and the title track, “Skyforger”, are very complex, well outlined and representative for this album. “From The Heaven Of My Heart”, “My Sun” and “Highest Star” are probably the most atmospheric and dark songs, in which the keyboards and soothing vocals can be easily noticed. “Majestic Beast”, the heaviest song from the album, together with last one, “From Earth I Rose” remind of the sound of the first Amorphis albums by featuring heavier elements and growls.

Amorphis is known for changing the style with every new release; once again they have managed to keep similarities to older albums, while at the same time, “Skyforger” is different on another level; it includes more melodic, melancholic and epic elements.
Even though somehow repetitive, the songs are very well put together and seem to flow in a whole, while certain choruses are very easy to keep in mind and will still play in your head long after the songs themselves have finished.

Review: 8/10

01. Sampo
02. Silver Bride
03. From The Heaven Of My Heart
04. Sky Is Mine
05. Majestic Beast
06. My Sun
07. Highest Star
08. Skyforger
09. Course Of Fate
10. From Earth I Rose


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