Korpiklaani live at Rockin’ Transilvania

Although the stadium’s doors had opened at around 12:00, by the time seven Romanian bands started the Wacken Open Metal Battle there were 39 people in total. At that time, you could still see Jonne Järvelä and Jarkko Aaltonen walking around, buying other bands’ merchandise or watching the first concerts, completely ignored by most people, with the exception of some who went to ask for autographs or to take pictures with them.

At 20:00, after the Hungarian band Superbutt, Korpiklaani started their concert. The audience consisted of one or two rows of fans leaning on the fences in front of the stage and the rest sitting on the grass and drinking beer, about 200 or 300 people in total. But the band wasn’t bothered by the limited number of fans; every single band member played their instruments with a lot of joy and they all seemed to have just as much fun as their fans did. Jonne was in the center of attention, jumping and bouncing all around the stage while keeping a big smile on his face for the whole concert and everybody in the crowd had a great time, dancing and headbanging at the same time. The band’s costumes, traditional instruments and typical stage decorations created the unique atmosphere of a Korpiklaani concert, while songs like “Beer Beer”, “Hunting Song”, “Happy Little Boozer” and the new single “Vodka” were undoubtedly the concert’s highlights. After the concert, the whole band got off the stage to the fence where fans were waiting for them, and didn’t leave until everybody had a picture or an autograph from them.

In spite of the small audience, Korpiklaani managed to carry out one of the festival’s best shows, definitely rising above the performance of the day’s headliner, In Extremo.

More pictures here.


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