The 69 Eyes: Live at Nottingham, UK

Location: Nottingham Rock City, Nottingham, UK
Date: 12.03.2010

The Basement at Rock City was full to bursting with fans awaiting the arrival on stage of the Helsinki Vampires.

The lights went down, over the PA played “Cry Little Sister” from the Lost Boys film soundtrack. A roar resounded around the basement, as the 69 Eyes burst onto the stage with Back in Blood

The set included most of the tracks from Back in Blood, which sounded better live if that is possible. The anthemic songs: Dead Girls Are Easy and The Good. The Bad and the Undead had the entire crowd singing. The set also included older songs such as Gothic Girl, Dance d’Amour.

In my opinion one of the standout tracks on Back in Blood is Hunger it was superb live, I was so happy it was included in the set list. I will copy out the set list below this review however it will not be in the order performed. The main set concluded with Devils.

All too soon their main set list was over, after a short time they returned for the encores which were Framed in Blood, Brandon Lee and Lost Boys.

It was a truly fantastic gig and all the fans in Nottingham Derby area hope they return soon.

Set List:
Back in Blood
We Own The Night
The Good, the Bad and the Undead
Dead and gone
Suspira snow white
Kiss me Undead
Dead Girls are Easy
Gothic Girl
Perfect skin
Dance d’Amour
Feel Berlin
Lips of Blood
Encores: Framed in Blood, Brandon Lee and Lost Boys

Review written by Dee


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