Interview with Aleksi Sihvonen: Medicated/ Norther

Aleksi: Medicated/ Norther

Hello Aleksi. Thank you for spending me a bit of your time for an Interview.
How’re you today?

I’m fine, thanks for asking. Chilling out and relaxing to confront the challenges of the beginning week.

1. You’re the new singer of “Norther”. How come?

Well the guys contacted me and asked me to have few drinks with them and talk about their singer matter. They asked me if I was interested and if I could do an auditioning tape and I did. In fact I did two. Now I’m here and that’s about it!

2. You’re also the singer of “Medicated”. How did your decision beeing also the Norther frontman change your situation in Medicated? Is there a change or is it just normal?

I can’t think about a single thing that this Norther situation has changed in Medicated. Of course some schedule problems will occur sooner or later but in my opinion there’s nothing to come that we can’t handle.

3. How do your colleagues in Medicated handle the situation?

Quite well I think. Of course there has been some time planning orientated conversations but I think they have and they will manage well.

4. Are you nervous about the Norther “project”? About touring and the feedback from the fans or something like that?

Not that much. The only thing I am worried about is the jump straight up to the bigger league. I got some experience when Imperanon was up and running and from other occasions too but this is certainly the biggest thing I have ever been in musically. I think the fans have welcomed me pretty well and I don’t think there will be problems touring with these lovable guys. I have fitted in so well and I think we will have a good time.

5. Do you think Norther will change your musical influences somehow?

Everything changes us and everything influences us somehow but I think that the major influences are already there and some minor spices will of course be caught from Norther too.

6. What are the plans for Norther for the next time?

Train like hell and play gigs to get things going again. Then we’ll rehearse new songs and record the new album. Then, who even thinks that far!

7. Are you going to re-release a new version of the latest Norther album or will there be a new album?

New album definitely. The songs are already made and they stay the way they are done. So all focus on the forth-coming album!


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