REVIEW: Deathlike Silence – Saturday Night Evil

Label: Spinefarm Records
Released: January 28th, 2009

1. Trapped in the Night
2. And You Cry
3. Who’s Gonna Bury Me
4. Dagon
5. Till Death Tears Apart
6. Troops of Armageddon
7. Shadows Fall
8. The Headsman
9. They’ll Eat Us
10. Moonlight Shadow
11. Burning Flesh

With a very surprising debut album, DEATHLIKE SILENCE raised high expectations among fans. The new release sounded quite repetitive at a first listen, but with a second chance it revealed the flavor of each song and the talent of these musicians. Once again, sinister atmosphere, with a bit of dark humor added, gothic mood, bitterness, romance and strange tales, spiced with the purest Finnishness out there.
Flawless interpretation from Ms Maya, with her deep and full voice. There is really nothing to criticize about the vocals, instrumentation or production. The weak spot is the lack of variety within the songs. There used to be much more of it on the previous album, thinking of fast-paced songs, the melancholic ballads and many in between, making it more surprising and spectacular.
The opener, ‘Trapped in the Night’, is a rather mellow song, followed by a faster and energizing one, ‘And You Cry‘. ‘Who’s Gonna Bury Me’ is the first ‘heartbreaking song’ of the material, starting with a wonderfully sad piano intro and plunging into downhearted guitar riffs. ‘Dagon’ is one of my personal favorites, with a totally catchy melody, strong rhythm sustained by the vocals and a chorus that makes you want to sing/shout along. The mood turns to sadness again with ‘Til Death Tears Apart’ – a great job with the chorus here, in my opinion. Truly haunting, and the same can be said about ‘The Headsman’, which is the next track worthy of attention. Loads of it! Going through the second half of the album might be a bit boring, but the fans will surely be interested in the ‘Moonlight Shadow’ cover.
All in all, this second release is somewhat repetitive and not so spectacular, compared to “Vigor Mortis“, but the perfect sound, the delightful guitar solos, the atmospheric keys and – of course – the unique vocals of Ms Maya make it worthy for more than one spin.



Maya Liittokivi (vocals)
Ville Taina (guitar)
Elmo Karjalainen (guitar)
Janne Venho (drums)
Tobias Björkwall (bass)
Tuomas Yli-Kovero (keyboards)



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