Tarja Turunen covering Whitesnake, this hurts!

I just had to write about this…usually I have nothing against bands covering other bands cause 99 out of 100 it is done out of respect and maybe even that poor 1/100 tries to do it out of respect too but fails miserably. And doing covers is always a good thing. But some laws should apply when doing them right? Ever since my teenage years (and it was a while ago!) I have been a huge Whitesnake fan and especially a huge David Coverdale fan. That man has a voice beyond understanding. There are very few of those that truly has a unique voice and besides Ronnie James Dio (R.I.P.) I think David Coverdale is one.

Now, what do you think happens when you try to cover Whitesnake? Especially a song like Still Of The Night? Well in most cases you fail of course. But what if you are a woman (nothing against women) and especially a soprano and try to cover Whitesnake and especially Still Of The Night? You make god damn ears bleed that’s what happens! You do NOT do that!

But Tarja Turunen did…now I love that gal and I think she’s awesome at what she does. But covering Whitesnake shouldn’t be one of those things. Below are 2 videos…first is the original Still Of The Night by Whitesnake and below that is the Tarja-version…knock yourselves out.


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  1. Tarja, you’re great and all but if you hadn’t of acted like such a DIVA whilst in Nightwish maybe you would still actually be part of the metal scene now, as it’s clear that you want to play metal, however evidently cannot pull it off.


    1. Hannah, this is the price you pay when you try to be more than you actually are. There is very little room for DIVAs and insane gold digging husbands in the metal scene.


      1. Oh come ON. she is not a diva at all! she is one of the mosy humble and kind persons I’ve had the chance to meet. I hate people just go on with half cooked facts and rumors when she has proven once and again she is a kind woman. And many people have said that, in interviews, in magazines, everywhere! But I guess a letter full of lies and treason has more weight over it all. It’s a shame.

        This is a good blog about it.


        And I think her cover is just fun. Not a master piece but I don’t find the over reaction here…


  2. Unfortunately she is not the rock n roll type of girl, never convinced me as such and probably never will. Being a soprano and kicking ass singing classical music doesn’t guarantee that you are going to do the same in other styles. Definitely singing rock/hard rock isn’t for her.


  3. Well i think that she, is with no doubt an exellent singer. However, metal scene released her; so since my point of view (and due to the fact that now she’s still on the scene), as many other metal or whatever bands. They don’t do their work as we expect.
    I’m not trying to say that the cover is good, because i personally didn’t like it at all, though i’m a big fan of her.


  4. Man! I mean, how is it possible that after all these years there are some people out there who actually blindly believe that open letter-fiasco. Every single old NW fan have accepted that there were mistakes on both sides so, I’m guessing you are new NW fans or just 13 years old.
    BTW, about the cover, I understand the author of this thingy, yet there are plenty of bad covers in this world so this one doesn’t bother me all that much.


    1. It’s ok Owner. We found another one. Maybe in the future if you do videos like that and you put it in a place like Youtube you might want to put it private in the first place.


  5. You are quite wrong, no one thinks that Tarja’s version is better compared to the original … but yet is a cover .. cover and as she has made changes and adapt your style a bit, and if they hear His voice at first is nothing lyrical or opera, his voice has become much more versatile than before, so it is simply a matter of taste, but you just do not like to see.

    And if you analyze you, she has a great Carrrera in Heavy Metal, is one of the muejeres Doro Besides, with a long career in the world of metal … and if not so girls like Epica, Lacuna Coil And now Revamp had not declared that Tarja has been an inspiration for them.


  6. I really really love Tarjas version of that song – of course it’s different from Whitesnake but because of that it’s not bad.


  7. I totally disagree. Usually I don¬īt like covers. But Tarja made a very different version featering her style. That¬īs the good kind of covers. Just like Nightwishs Over the Hills and Far Away or High Hopes.


  8. Oh hahaha please, IT’S A C-O-V-E-R! It couldn’t sound like the original, but it’s her own style, here are a LOT of fans that still thinking that open-coward-letter it’s true, it’s ok, but I think that all the fans are fans of nightwish, so all that Tarja does it’s wrong but all from nw it’s wonderful. Blindly people.



  9. well….quite honestly, when I listen to Coverdale, shivers go up and down my spine and the song reeks of male sexuality…can’t really say the same for Tarja’s version, it just makes me want to burst out laughing….sigh….


  10. You just believe in a letter with semi-truth, the real truth is different, read guy’s interviews especially Tuomas after the letter and you’ll understand, that they were lying, and they never said (excluding open letter) that she is diva. Read Nightmail the first questions for Tuomas from probably 2006.
    And her cover is what she always wanna to do for fun and I think it’s great, not as good as original but it’s really great. Now she is herself. Before the End of an Era gig she said that she wanted to perform more older songs and now she is doing it. The NW is big part of her, she said many times and she will never throw it away from her memory and concerts.

    Sorry for my English


    1. You’re right, letter was just the big lie. I hope that some day truth will be revealed.
      But I can’t agree with what you said about song: it’s so much better than original, I love it, really love it.


  11. And now, seven years later, there is a cover of Still of the Night that kicks ass, and it’s even sung a woman. I present to you, Halestorm:


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