Justice for SENTENCED

The ever-adored SENTENCED is a band with a legendary reputation in its hometown and now graveyard, Oulu. Although disbanded in 2005, the local fans have never ceased to keep their feelings strong.

It was a very special happening for me to find out from certain fans of the band, Oulu musicians even, a story that truly warmed my heart.

In 2003, Oulun Kärpät, the local ice hockey team, made a request of a support song, and inspired the metallers to write it. Titled “Routasydän”, the track was the first SENTENCED song with Finnish lyrics. The music was composed by guitarist Miika Tenkula, now deceased, and the lyrics were written by guitarist Sami Lopakka. It was included in a CD collection of songs in support of the team. So far, so good. But soon, trouble came. Some words in the text – “veri ja kunnia” (“blood and honor”) were isolated from the context by ill-thinking people, who accused the band of sympathy for the Nazi. The phrase, they noticed, was heavily used by Hitler supporters back in the days. Despite the fact that these musicians totally rejected Nazi ideas, the song was stopped from being played at hockey games. A huge disappointment for everyone…

The incident was also remarked by Blabbermouth and can be read here.

It is said that the “Ever-Frost” track from the last album is talking with bitterness and anger about this story. Once you know the story in the past, it’s easy to connect the dots. The title “Routasydän” roughly translated, in fact, to “ever-frozen heart”. Thus, the lyrics of the so bitter track become more clear. ”Those with hearts of ever-frost/ always know we never lost/ Flames rose high… Not enough to melt the ice“.

Now, in 2010, with Kärpät going strong, “Routasydän” has taken back its place! Fans of both the hockey team and the band announced with great joy that the hymn can now be heard in the Oulu hockey arena at every game! It was a season which brought the Sentenced song back to where it belonged…


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  1. Yeah! It’s great to see them finally get the respect they deserved. Now, if people will stop saying the same thing about Moonsorrow and Tyr…


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