Stratovarius – Elysium

Elysium is the second Stratovarius album after Timo Tolkki gathered his stuff and left. Many things have been said over the years but the thing that really matters is the music and Stratovarius delivers what their fans expect. But then again, it’s enough to have Kotipelto singing and Johansson play his keyboards to make it sound like Stratovarius. It’s the sound we all got used to during the last few decades. And on that aspect nothing has changed 🙂

Elysium is an ok album actually. But the gap between the best songs and the worst songs is huge. Songs like Darkest Hours, Under Flaming Skies, Infernal Maze (excluding the horrible intro), Event Horizon and epic titletrack Elysium are simply amazing but then again songs like The Game Never Ends, Lifetime In A Moment and Move The Mountain are pure crap in my opinion. And then comes the interesting part…all the good stuff is composed by newest member Matias Kupiainen (and Under Flaming Skies co-written by Kotipelto) and the not so good songs by Johansson and Porra. Clearly both Johansson and Porra are world class musicians and good composers on their own genre but they really should leave the composing of Stratovarius songs to someone else. I am quite certain Matias would’ve had 3 more songs in his sleeve to make this album even better.

Elysium covers basically everything. They have fast songs, mid tempo songs, ballads of course and then the huge 18-minute epic Elysium. I must say it’s been a long time since Stratovarius gave me goosebumps but this titletrack did. One would imagine that making a song that lasts 18 minutes is impossible to carry all the way but Elysium does. It feels like 5 minutes really. I think Stratovarius is in good hands with Matias as long as they let him do his thing.

If they would’ve had only 6 songs on the album I would have given it 10 straight. With other songs unfortunately it won’t reach that high. But at the end of the day this will satisfy Stratovarius fans just fine.

Review: 7/10

Elysium tracklisting:

  1. Darkest Hours
  2. Under Flaming Skies
  3. Infernal Maze
  4. Fairness Justified
  5. The Game Never Ends
  6. Lifetime In A Moment
  7. Move The Mountain
  8. Event Horizon
  9. Elysium

Stratovarius is:

Timo Kotipelto – Vocals
Jens Johansson – Keyboards
Matias Kupiainen – Guitars
Lauri Porra – Bass
Jörg Michael – Drums

Stratovarius on internet:


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