Video Review: GHOST BRIGADE – “Clawmaster”

I remember very well the joyful moment of seeing GHOST BRIGADE perform on the Wacken 2010 stage, changing the climate into Northern coldness.  The band – whose musical style is very hard to pin down – has been receiving very positive reviews and keeps on gathering more and more praise with the latest release.

The video for “Clawmaster” is directed and animated by Fursy Tessier (Les Discrets, Amesoeurs, Alcest) and serves the first single of the album “Until Fear No Longer Defines Us” (which entered the official Finnish charts at #7!). I get the impression that, starting with the album title itself, GHOST BRIGADE wants to expose a philosophy of true liberation and it manages to put it in very interesting concepts. It’s nice how this dark metal act makes the leap to offering solutions instead of just stating the problems.

It begins with some of the most desolating scenes you’ve seen, all in grey and black, dark simplicity that lets in some kind of chariot pulled by the characters in the video. I have already forgotten that I was never really interested in watching videos with animation. This one is ART, and it’s art fit for metal. The band members appear as hooded silhouettes – dressed in something resembling long medieval monk garments, a sight to behold.

“I will break the bond between us

And prove my innocence (…)

They can tear me to pieces

but my ghost will stay whole”

The video is dealing with some simple but profound symbols, with the two opposing powers that are the polarities between which humans oscillate. Despite the simple cartoonish style and the things that can be seen as clichés, this work succeeds to convey a message of wisdom about the human condition. I was very impressed and looked to draw a meaning from its every detail; a beautiful, deep message; a very nice work of art and totally welcome in the world of metal, though its essence is unusual. GHOST BRIGADE and all their musical efforts show that dignity and intelligence belong to Metal.

When the characters break the ties that held them and transform into beings of light, everything is magically turned into pure euphoria. It is done in such a way that I can’t put my finger on what made it so, I just feel it, in the melody as well. It’s very mysterious how it lies in that simplicity. I guess that’s pure genius. See what happens, it is well amazing!

The work was completed in 6 weeks from 1st July to mid August.
Collaborators: Michael Bolufer, Fabrice Ascione, François-Marc Baillet, Stéphane Lefort, Adrien Bousson and Olivier Perras.
Production assistant: Audrey Hadorn.


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