Top 10 Apocalypse Songs for 2012

Moonspell - "Night Eternal"

It’s 2012 and every metalhead wants to have a Heavy New Year ahead, especially now when the prophecies seem so dark and mean. After all, the apocalypse is a typical theme for metal. What to listen to, apart from Metallica’s ‘The four Horsemen’? Get your playlist in tune with this infamous year and watch out, these songs are not for merry days or merry souls.

1. Moonspell – Night Eternal. Easily making it to the top of the list, this song benefits of a great video and

features a wonderful dark atmosphere. These Portuguese metal gods don’t fear the apocalypse, but actually call for it; and they do it in such perfect words that you will wish for the world to end, you too. The perspective is one dealing with Biblical images and puts out more anger than despair – a beautiful prelude to extinction. “First in the skies, apocalypse/ Only your fury can set us free/ Come for we are failing/ Come for we are waiting“.

2. Primal Fear – Seven Seals. Somewhat like a heavy ballad, but intense and dramatic and very, very catchy for its slower tempo. It is so melodic and impressive in its composition, and there’s an outstanding match between the feelings from both the music and the lyrics. I truly get a feeling of the end as it says “There’s no tomorrow…” and also get a sense of dignity. All the lyrics flow extremely well. This is a great rendering of John’s Revelation – the 7 angels, the 7 seals and the tormenting symbols in the Christian apocalypse. And by the way, you can’t end this life until you’ve heard Ralf Scheepers’ vocals on this one!

3. Septicflesh – Apocalypse. Perhaps more solemn and mystical in atmosphere than all the others on this list, it’s a symphonic death metal masterpiece that gives off a tragic, crushing feeling, but at the same time feels like watching a grandiose spectacle. Also, it has a very different interpretation of the end of the world myths. Feels like all is rushing to come to an end, storms are blasting, rocks are falling. The orchestra here is the spine for the brutal yet so harmonizing  metal instrumentation. Pure apocalypse!!!

4. W.A.S.P. – Babylon’s Burning. Yet another masterpiece quoting John’s Revelation. This time, from one of the rebel classics. This proves how metal and badass the scriptures can be. It’s a pleasure to hear Blackie Lawless’ voice announcing the dramatic end of the world!

5. Leaves’ Eyes – Ragnarok. The otherwise delicate Liv Kristine makes a nice effort here. She sounds stronger than ever, empowered by the vision of a world in ruins. The drumwork is excellent here. A fast paces track and a new level for this band.

6. Amon Amarth – And Soon the World Will Cease to Be. Well, these Swedes’ two latest albums are all about the end of the world, this time from the ancient Scandinavian perspective, with raging gods, terrifying monsters, war and fire. This one is a dramatic, bitter piece with dark, pressing mood all over – in the typical Amon Amarth vein. No surprise to the fans, these Vikings are proudly taking us through 2012.

7. Hypocrisy – Apocalypse. A true gem of the genre, the re-recorded version of this song sounds amazing. It has a haunting theme from the beginning and takes you from a solemn threat to despair, all in a solid atmosphere of poisoned skies and deathly winds over darkened grounds. Great vocal effort as well.

8. Morgana Lefay – The Seventh Seal. rough, in your face track, with all the elements that made this band big, like wicked and heavy riffs. A pounding rhythm, much enhanced by the bass, delightful for the dedicated metalhead.

9. Heaven Shall Burn – Endzeit. they put up quite a show with this one at Wacken 2011. Nice piano and violin extended intro, then breaking into raging vocals and insane riffs. Fast and aggressive, this has always forced the crowd into mosh pits.

10. Sybreed – Doomsday Party. If we’re ending it all, let’s send it off with a blast. After all we, the metalheads, are not easily brought down to fearing and crying, right? We could as well have fun and dance it away. This lovely groovy-industrial metal band makes the proposition of a party and delivers a danceable track… yet with some rough lyrics: “And this is how we realize the tragic prize of wasting time/ It doesn’t make sense if we die/ And we’ll know in the end if we truly lived“…


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