Review: Church of the Dead – Vol. I Stay Out of My Grave


“Vol 1 – Stay Out Of My Grave”
NightLust Records, January 11, 2013


1. Intro/ Nekrovulture

2. Beheaded, Scooped & Displayed

3. The Abyss

If you thought that Helsinki only produces metal in tune with the trends, you might be surprised by this. CHURCH OF THE DEAD has a “back to the roots” approach: it’s old-school death metal with purely horror imagery, but also with a good dose of self-irony and humour which works just fine. These guys are not afraid of cliches like blood, gore, tombs and zombies. On the contrary, they parade with these and turn them into bare essentials. “We stay true to the initial genre, yet we still know how to have fun”, say the musicians.

But now let’s get straight to the music. We’re dealing with mostly short, mean and crunchy riffs, raw metallic tunes with something groovy about them or, as they say, they add some “punk attitude, crushing d-beats and twisted sense of morbid humour.” There is a raw quality in here that’s rarely seen in Finland, the land of melodic metal genres. The brutal death vocals often change their range and get into the grind area, their alternation making the material sufficiently dynamic. To build up the morbid atmosphere, there are some slower heavy parts inserted. Old-school song writing skills can be spotted, which we hope to have for the coming scheduled EPs as well.

If you’ve ever fancied Necrophagia, Napalm Death or Obituary, you might find this musical effort as complimenting. And besides, these guys are no newbies, they’ve been sharpening their death metal weapons in bands like Lithuria, De Lirium’s Order, Ghoul Patrol, The Undivine or Dead Shape Figure. Therefore, if you thought of not taking them seriously, you’d better ditch that thought. Although it was only formed in 2012, the band jumped on stage very quickly, having performed several shows already and continues its series of gigs throughout 2013.


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