Turisas: An epitome of true metal

Turisas has probably been one of my favorite metal bands for a while now. Formed under the name Köyliö , the band’s name was changed to Turisas later on.Turisas is the name of a sea monster in Finnish mythology, considered the god of war. The band is perhaps one of the most well known Finnish metal bands, and is often classified as a fusion of folk metal, power metal, while also containing elements of symphonic metal and viking metal.

Hailing from Hämeenlinna, Finland, the band is often seen in vivid red and black paint, that somehow manages to make them look almost as fierce as their predecessors, the vikings. They do manage to carry off the look though, and I must say, it does add a bit of character to the band.

turisas: vikings of the modern age
turisas: vikings of the modern age

When it comes to music, Turisas produces sound unlike any other metal group. Metal seems to run in their blood, as each of their songs is better than the next. Their music is unique, its the real deal: raw, powerful and mesmerizing, they clearly epitomize real metal. Those powerful vocals? The head pounding electric violin and guitar solos that make you feel like your about to have a heart attack? Yep, thats true metal alright.

There are many things that set them apart from other metal bands. However, maybe one of the most prominent features is the use of an electric violin, that often replaces traditional guitar solos seen in metal music. Turisas adds their own flavor and spin to their music that really appeals to the wider audience, and in my opinion, this is one of the reasons they have become so well acclaimed around the world. Theres an originality see in their metal, they do things their way, but their way sure is great.

Formed by Mathias Nygård and Jussi Wickström, Turisas has had many different band members in the past and there have been many memorable people without a doubt. The band now consists of the following people:

-Mathias “Warlord” Nygård – vocals, keyboard, percussion (since 1997)
-Jussi Wickström – guitar, backing vocal (since 1997)
-Jesper Anastasiadis – bass guitar (since 2012)
-Jaakko Jakku – drums, percussion (since 2012)
-Olli Vänskä – violin, backing vocal (since 2005)

Each of the band members contributes something special to the band. Their expertise is unmatched, they bring Turisas to life, and give them the sound that has made them so famous.Perhaps one of the most well known members of the band is Mathias “Warlord” Nygård.

Mathias Nygård
Mathias Nygård

Even in India, there have been articles in many metal magazines articles, published about this man with the “awe inspiring” voice. Nygård’s vocals are definitely one of a kind, while they can be incredibly powerful, theres also a softness to them. His voice accentuates the lyrics, and in songs where there is dark, violent imagery Nygård’s vocals resonate with a fierce edge to them that is particularly appealing. His voice blows you away, as he ‘conquers’ his way through each song, and you can’t help but sit spellbound as he sings tales of battle, victory and courage.

Turisas has produced some great albums and singles along the way, but perhaps the ones that reflect them best would be “To Holmgard and Beyond” and “Stand Up and Fight”.

These songs are fueled by power, and its difficult to listen to them and not marvel and the greatness that is Turisas. Its no wonder that they are one of Finlands most known metal bands. With flawless vocals, intricate guitar solos, and a uniqueness to them, how could they not be? So really, when people come up with things like this, you can’t blame them.

perhaps Mathias Nygård and Turisas would've been more fitting though
maybe Mathias Nygård and Turisas would’ve been more fitting though



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