One last, painful week

Although this is my first post, I will go right down to some serious stuff. Yes, we all know what it is and we all have experienced it, but it can be difficult to talk about. You obviously know what I’m talking about: Awating the release of Insomnium’s “Shadows of the Dying Sun”. It has been tough indeed, but our misery is about to come to an end.  Only one week to go. Here I have compiled a list of activities and advice for coping with this last week of trial.

1. Seek comfort in Insomnium’s already existing discography. While listening, think about the joy the new album will bring you and how great your life will be after the glorious day of the release.

2. Enlighten those lost, ignorant individuals, who have not heard Insomnium before, about what they have missed. Let these poor souls find salvation in the great music of Insomnium.

3. Try to find substitute bands.

4. Realizing that there are no other bands that can heal the wounds the absence of Insomnium creates, listen to the whole discography again.

5. Hum the bass line from “Lay of the Autumn”, starting at about 6.03 into the song. If someone hears you, blame the fact that you sound slightly retarded on withdrawal symptoms.

6. Air drum to “Only One Who Waits”. Keep up with your feet as well!

7. Forgot number seven, I was listening  so intensely to “The Killjoy”. You should too.

8. Easy on the alcohol, sentimental crying may occur. There are people who just don’t understand the seriousness of the wait you are enduring. Thus, they might think your behaviour is strange.

9. However, you should remember that when “Nothing can offer content // Nothing can ease the pain // Nothing can wear of the sorrow”, it’s okay to cry. Only the ignorant might judge you, and that is nothing to care about.

10. Bonus for diehard fans: Read Hölderlin’s “Hyperion’s Song of Destiny” and compare it to the lyrics of Insomnium’s “Mortal Share”. Rejoice at how cultural you feel.

I hope this will help you through this last, harsh week. And remember, in whatever hall of awaiting you find yourself: Insomnium comes to those who wait (and there is not only one who waits, but plenty).


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