Time to vote! SOFTENGINE Representing Finland at Eurovision

Back in 2006, Finland shocked the Eurovision world and Europe through LORDI. Some of you may not remember, but I do. Those were the times of MySpace and no one knew Facebook yet. On MySpace, the news spread like lightning – the news that Finland is sending a heavy song to the famous Eurovision music contest. We kept on spreading the news and convincing our rock and metal loving friends and contacts to watch the show and vote. We never bothered with this, but now it mattered. It was rock music. It was Finland. We wanted so bad to make it big and we did it. That crazy wicked song won the contest… with the biggest score ever!

Sadly, after that, Finland never managed to come up with any decent effort, in spite of its many talented musicians. In 2014, it finally comes with something good.  In fact, it’s so good I cannot believe my ears. “Something Better”. SOFTENGINE is ther name to remember.

Musically, they remind me (and not only me) of the biggest bands of the genre – Muse, The Killers, 30 Seconds to Mars. In spite of being so young, they manage to sound so mature. Also, I love the look of the frontman. He has an angelic face and a very neat appearance on stage. Sleek hair, perfect suit and shirt. These guys show that they respect their work.

I don’t know if this has any chance at winning the contest, but it would surely deserve it. Here at MFF we write about softer bands as well and especially about Finnish pride. Now Finland finally has a good song in Eurovision and it’s competing on Thursday (May 10). Hopefully it qualifies for the big finale on Saturday. To me they are winners, anyway.

Let’s support these boys, they take music a lot more seriously than many older bands do. So, listen below and vote, vote, vote!!!

Official Facebook band page

Official website


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