Jonne Järvelä’s (Korpiklaani) solo venture.




Korpiklaani frontman Jonne Järvelä is working on a solo album and was kind enough to give everyone a listen of two tracks, ‘Kuku käki’ and Metsään on iäksi mieli.’

I have become accustomed to an artist releasing a solo album that sounds like it should have just been a new release by the full band they are known for (or at least bonus tracks). While it is not always a bad thing, it does tend to kill the fan’s perception of the artist and you realize they are only capable of one sound. Thankfully, Jonne is not that artist. It can be hard for someone to keep from trying to tie the sound of a solo album into the rest of the band, but Jonne has a very distinct sound going for himself.

I have always listened to Korpiklaani and felt like the music was quite campy and fun. They would be great to play at a party where your main goal of the night is to guzzle beer and vodka until you blackout. However, Jonne’s two recently released tracks have a very primitive sound. Much more serious in tone to the point of being mesmerizing. Rather than chug alcohol like frat boy who just got his trust fund payout, you want to kick back outside and relax with a peace pipe.

Image Courtesy of The Simpsons

Jonne updated his Facebook in Early April stating that he was searching for a record company for his project, and posted yesterday that there were some “record deal problems for the Jonne solo album…” Of course, there were no details as to what the problems are, but I do hope that this release happens. It would be great to be able to pop in an album that takes us back to the past and drives a desire to experience life without the luxuries of today. A time when it was likely that everyone had the gnarly dreadlocks that Jonne is sporting.





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