“Metal from Finland”-compilation

Who could possibly resist this artwork?
Who could possibly resist this artwork?

“Metal from Finland” is a compilation album containing two CDs and no less than 26 songs of 26 different Finnish metal and rock bands. This is not a compilation of the greatest and most famous Finnish bands, but rather a compilation of bands on the rise. The album has come into existence through collaboration between Outlanders Production and Metal from Finland.

I want to start with saying that it is quite difficult to review an album with 26 different bands, so this will perhaps not have the form of a regular review. Obviously, I cannot write about all of the bands contributing to this collection, but I will try to provide you with some general thoughts and impressions of the album. I will not rate it in numbers, because I do not think that that is applicable on this type of an album.

The two CDs offer a wide selection of subgenres of metal and rock; everything from soft rock like Cry of Pain’s “Made to Last” to fast paced death metal like Torchia’s “Your Blood in My Veins”, and from catchy rock songs like Embassy of Silence’s “Shame, Spin and Click” to rough doom metal like Church of Void’s “Mad Mortician”. I believe there is something for every fan of Finnish metal and rock music on this album. However, it should be said that metal is far more prominent here.

One could perhaps think that the quite vast variation of genres on the album would make it too straggly, but I do not think it does. It actually works quite well. The songs with more of a rock vibe come as a nice variation in the track sequence, and these songs are not placed immediately after any of the more brutal death metal songs, because that would not really work. But this way it works better than I had expected.

The production is a little variable, but fully sufficient. The rougher sound of some of the songs is probably intentional, for example on Wrathrone’s “Left Unburied”, which is a really old school death metal track that bears quite a strong resemblance to early Sentenced. Besides, I find it pretty charming that the sound quality is not all too good since most of these are emerging bands that most likely do not have great budgets (yet).

I must say that “Metal from Finland” exceeds my expectations. It is far better than I thought it would be. I did not like all the tracks, but that is almost impossible when there are 26 songs. I was, however, able to find at least something good in every song, and that is a good sign since I am very picky. I also found quite many tracks that I really liked, and I am pretty sure that anyone who likes Finnish metal and rock music will do as well. Some songs are simply just nice to listen to, some create a gentle melancholic atmosphere, while others kick you in the balls. All varieties work. This album is worth the money (and it is cheap!).

Best tracks (I was going to choose three or four but I could not make up my mind):

Beyond The Dream – Sunset upon Rust
Division XIX – Mobilization
Teardown – Horns
Among the Prey – My Demons
Psalms for the Dead Sun – Psalm Zero


CD 1
1. Frosttide – Awakening
2. Medicated – Fever
3. Suicidal Ride – Suicidal Ride (previously unreleased)
4. Beyond The Dream – Sunset upon Rust (previously unreleased)
5. Lovijatar – Sokea Paimen (previously unreleased)
6. Mad Hatter’s Den – Welcome to the Den
7. Dark Dawn Project – Dragonborn
8. Division XIX – Mobilization
9. Teardown – Horns
10. Cry of Pain – Made to Last
11. Wrathrone – Left Unburied
12. Viper Arms – Closer
13. Church of Void – Mad Mortician

CD 2
1. Enthring – Citadel
2. Fractured Spine – Dead to Me
3. Burnclear – Lost for Life
4. Noumena – Death Walks with Me
5. Among the Prey – My Demons
6. Embassy of Silence – Shame, Spin and Click
7. Prayed & Betrayed – Deafblind
8. Crimsonic – In the End
9. Thyrien – Forest Is My Throne
10. Psalms for the Dead Sun – Psalm Zero
11. Torchia – Your Blood in My Veins
12. Block Of Flats – Erase Me
13. Lucy Pherson – Three Rivers

“Metal from Finland” will be released through Outlanders Productions in October 17th. It will be available at Levykauppa Äx (in English http://www.recordshopx.com/ ) in October 24th.


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