Wolfheart, Lahti 24.10.2014

Wolfheart, phone pic...
Wolfheart, phone pic…

So, I had my third child in January this year and thus haven’t been able to go to any gigs. I hugely missed it and that is one of my biggest joys in life. This time the baby stayed home with my Mother-In-Law for a few hours for me to let my hair down and enjoy some damn good music.

At this point I need to point out that at this venue, Finlandia-klubi in Lahti, the gigs start early. The warm-up act is before 9PM and the main band usually follows very shortly. By midnight the whole place is empty – this is more than suitable for me! Especially when I had two people at home waiting anxiously for my return 🙂

We got there 8:30PM, just in time for Wolfheart to perform the first notes of the night. BOOM, it was so good. So talented, so loud, felt much like a bulldozer. I was pleasantly surprised with the crowd and the turnout (the main act was Amorphis, which is a big deal here and sometimes you have this case of people not bothering to come check out the warming act) Im my case, this was the reason to drag my bones into Finlandia that night. You know the feeling when it is so good you need to just close your eyes and you forget everything else around you? Yeah. That was it.

Setlist Wolfheart Lahti 24.10.2014
Setlist Wolfheart Lahti 24.10.2014

My original thought was to bring a camera and take some “real” pictures of this, but then I decided I really wanted to focus on the music itself. You know, through a camera lens you kind of lose some feeling and the atmosphere and maybe concentrate on the pictures too much. They are great memories, and sometimes good material for the band too, but hey. First gig in a year?! Hell no, I wanna take all advantage of it.

And goddamn it worked. The guys seemed to have fun on stage and eventho Tuomas didn’t exactly spoil us with his words in between the songs, it was good. And hey, we didn’t go there for a stand-up show, now did we?

Great evening. I warmly recommend you all to go see this act, you won’t be disappointed. Wolfhear also singed a record deal with Spinefarm and they will re-release their debut “Winterborn” with two additional bonus tracks in February 3rd 2015. They are also in the middle of finishing their new album “Shadow World” which is due coming out in mid-2015.

Mr Lammassaari and Jossu
Mr Lammassaari and Jossu

After the show I was able to have a few words with a very nice man and its always a good idea to take a picture. I also happen to dig his other band, Mors Subita. We shall return to this subject in the near future…


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