What to listen to at work? (Vote!)

Dark Flood Inverno

So I went back to work part-time, after having my third child. I have a   20 minute commute, which I kind of enjoy. You know, driving alone, blasting my favorite music. No one screaming and yelling “MOMMY!” I have a ton of CDs in my car for that. Its my daily moment to myself. Driving in the winter can be a real pain in the ass but hey, if you gotta do it anyways every single day, you might as well make the best of it. And I do.

Thanks to the modern technology, smartphones and Spotify Premium, I have been able to listen to whatever I please at work. This is a huge improvement to previous times, when our only choose was the radio. Finnish radio does NOT play metal music. Not even the ever-so-tired Radio Rock, and at our metal work shop you cannot listen to Radio Rock, the Peltor headset does not find its frequency!! Yes. This is year 2015.

At work you certainly can’t listen to any kind of music. I have ruled out my all-time biggest bands, because I don’t want their music to be associated with the work so strongly.  And you have to be able to concentrate heavily on the task. As I said, I work in the metal industry and I am passionate about my work. I don’t operate any machine myself, more am in the logistics.

in November I was going through my Facebook feed and came across a new name for me, Dark Flood.  They had realeased a new album so I gave it a shot. It became my new favorite almost instantly.  Now I have that CD in my car.

I suggest you check this out. I love the combination of growls and clean singing, the songs are catchy and they even get stuck in the head. The music sounds like they know what they are doing, it is easy to listen to and does not annoy on any level.  I would love to see this act live! The world needs more of this kind. I wish this was playing on the radios. I don’t usually like new bands this easily.


My playlist at work consist of some other names as well, some of them are definitely not Metal From Finland, but these are, and I think they need no furthermore introduction;

I have never been a huge fan of Children of Bodom, but the band is great and more than suitable for this exact purpose.

Korpiklaani is one of my favorites, and it is so awesome with their positive, onwards kicking wibe, that is brightens a bad day.

I might add a few names after actually being at work.

What do you guys listen to when you work? 


One thought on “What to listen to at work? (Vote!)

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  1. I vary my listening at work – I used to play YouTube playlists and iTunes stuff… now it’s mostly Spotify (now that we have it here in Canada). I DO listen to metal in my office though – I don’t have a problem concentrating on work while good music is playing (though I do have a few ‘sing-along’ songs I’m sure the colleague in the office next to me wishes I would hit skip on!)


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