The Man-Eating Tree; in the Absence of Light


The Man-Eating Tree has been around since 2009 and this is their 3rd album, that came out the day of the big solar eclipse; March 20th 2015. They (too) have gone through some changes personnel-wise; a new singer and the keyboardist is now gone, and now their line-up looks like this:

Antti Kumpulainen – Vocals

Janne Markus – Guitar

Antti Karhu – Guitar

Mikko Uusimaa – Bass

Vesa Ranta – Drums

Back when the album Harvest came out, I went and bought the copy from Record Shop X Lahti. Forgot to pay the parking fee, so I got me a ticket for 40 euros instead. Pretty expensive CD. That is basically my history with this band, I felt as if something was missing there.

The new sound is heavier and I like it a lot, they’ve added some growls and the landscape of the music seems to have endless levels and true depth to it. They paint a sad, artistic picture with only dark shades, but by staying metal as fuck. You know it’s good when you want to close your eyes and just let the music cradle you! And then you realize you’re driving.

I listen to music mostly in my car, when I’m driving to work. It gives me time on my own (I do have three kids and a job, these near half-hour breaks really give me strenght) and I continued with this on Spotify through my phone and earplugs.

This album has depth to it like I said; after 5-10 times you still hear new details and that is hooking and addictive! I like it. It starts to unveil and grows to some extend, I tell you! I see the international potential with this band, their sound is beautiful and atmospheric, with the hint of desperation. Or maybe they threw in a good handful of that, but it is a good spice. Good metal can not be happy.  Ever.

They have paid attention to everything, the booklet is well worth buying a physical CD. Much appreciation from here. The visual side supports the music that surrounds you with no hope and darkness.

The new video is almost horror, very distressing and awesome, I’m pretty sure you will feel something! Press play.


So they visited my “home club” Finlandia-klubi with Finntroll and Wolfheart, the three great bands formed up a rather impressive tour. TMET opened the evening at 19:00, I am all for early gigs but this was taking it a bit too far! The turn-out wasn’t really good, to say the least, could be the time (normally at this club they don’t start before 20:00, even I had to hurry when I found out the showtime) and it was Easter Sunday so…. anyways.  I was there.


DSC_0485 DSC_0502 DSC_0523DSC_0513 DSC_0545

Unfortunately they suffered from some tech problems so it could have been so much better!! They would have deserved better. But this explains a lot:

No Strömsö here. “Function now, you fucker”

We still have one chance to see this tour; In Helsinki on this Saturday the 25th of April at Tavastia! If you are around, come by! The showtime will be as early as 18:30, and most likely the setlist will look something like this:

  • Obsidian
  • Flatline
  • Armed
  • the Divided
  • Plaguewielder
  • Death Parade
  • Dead on Earth

This summer TMET will be playing at various festivals in Finland, the best way to keep up with these guys is to follow them on their Facebook:

This might just be THE NEXT BIG THING and you should see for yourself, why they are receiving killer feedback for their new album!

Metal from Finland blogger approved.


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