Festival report: Saturday 20.6 at Nummirock, Kauhajoki

Nummirock is a really old school type of festival, positioned at the shore of the lake Nummijärvi, pretty much in the middle of the woods. It has been around since 1987. Nummirock offered a really strong line-up this year, including bands such as Testament, Arch Enemy, Heaven Shall Burn, Amaranthe, Moonsorrow, Diablo, Eluveitie and Insomnium. However, I was only present on Saturday.

Arriving quite late, Amaranthe was the first band for the undersigned. The band seems to have a strong fan base in Finland and this also showed during this gig. Their characteristic industrial metal works well live and the singers are indeed very good. The band pointed out that their first festival gig actually took place at Nummirock in 2011 and thus seized the opportunity to thank the Finnish fans. As always, the band performed almost indecently flawless set containing songs such as “Digital World”, “Massive Addictive”, “Amaranthine” and “Drop Dead Cynical”.

Olof Mörck and Elize Ryd of Amaranthe. Photo: MarkusHelanderPhotography
Olof Mörck and Elize Ryd of Amaranthe. Photo: MarkusHelanderPhotography

The following band on the main stage was the legendary thrash metal band Testament, whose set consisted mostly of songs from their two first albums. Ruthlessly fast tempo while the singer Chuck Billy occasionally rotated the circle pit with his special mini microphone stand. The members seemed to enjoy themselves and were impressed of a guy who climbed quite high up in pine to get his hands on a gigantic guitar pick which Billy accidentally threw there. I would not have minded if Testament had played some of their newer material as well, but it was still a really good set. These guys still got what it takes to play thrash metal.

Because of desperate need for food, I missed some of Carnalation‘s songs, but I saw enough to form myself some kind of an opinion. The band plays death/grind, which actually was quite a lot better than I expected. I like that this band also have some clean singing, because it adds a balance to this type of music, which in other cases often becomes slightly tiresome in my opinion. Fast tempo mixed with heavy breakdowns makes Carnalaton quite interesting.

Next up on the Inferno Stage was Eluveitie, probably the folkiest of all folk metal bands. The Swiss band consists of no less than seven members and, in addition to the regular instruments of metal music, includes pipes (and other wind instruments), violin and the mighty hurdy gurdy. The mandola is occasionally also used. This is without a doubt a very skilled band since it all works brilliantly live. I have not listened much to Eluveitie, but many in the audience seemed to know the songs quite well and the atmosphere was jolly during the set, resulting in different types of ring games. The band played some of the songs acoustically, including “A Rose for Epona”, and also gave the audience a chance to choose the English or the Swiss German version of the song “The Call of the Mountains”. The audience cheered for the Swiss Germans version, which was really nice. I like the fact that the songs vary very much from each other, mostly because of the use of both growls of Chrigel Glanzmann and clean female vocals of Anna Murphy, occasionally in harmony with the violinist Nicole Ansperger. With Murphy smiling almost all the time, it is very hard not to enjoy this. The band also seemed to enjoy themselves and they radiate a very sympathetic impression. A great performance in every way.

Eluveitie. Photo: Jussi Panula.
Eluveitie. Photo: Jussi Panula.

This year’s final band at Nummirock was Diablo, who performed the only festival gig of the summer here after a four and half years break.

1. Symbol of Eternity
2. Read My Scars
3. Angel
4. Icon of Flesh
5. Resign from Life
6. Damien
7. Isolation
8. Trail of Kings
9. Queen of Entity
10. The Call
11. Living Dead Superstar
12. Mimic47

13. Icaros
14. The Preacher
15. Into the Sea

The band experienced some technical difficulties throughout the whole gig, which sadly made things a little slow. Singer and guitarist Rainer Nygård was also in a very chatty mood, which consumed a little too much time in my opinion. However, the songs were crushing, although Nygård seemed to forget the lyrics at some points. Diablo played two new songs that will be featured on the upcoming album “Silvër Horizon” in the autumn. “Isolation” and “The Call” sounded very promising, so stay tuned for the new album which will be released 18th September. Since I have not heard Diablo live before, I would have liked to hear “D.O.A.”, but the setlist was satisfactory anyway. “Into the Sea” works surprisingly well live and was a massive finish to the night. Diablo is certainly back in the game, perhaps even stronger than ever.

The mighty finish of Diablo. Photo: MarkusHelanderPhotgraphy.
The mighty finish of Diablo. Photo: MarkusHelanderPhotography.

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