POISONBLACK to end their career

Poisinblack, Lyijy Promo pics 2013Poisonblack, Drive Promo pics, 2011

Sad news, friends. Poisonblack has decided that 15 years ad 6 albums of music is enough.

Poisonblack was formed in 2000 in Oulu, and the line-up these last few years looked like this:

  • Ville Laihiala – Vocals, Guitar
  • Tarmo Kanerva – Drums
  • Antti Remes – Bass
  • Marco Sneck – Keyboards
  • Antti Leiviskä – Guitar

Previous members: JP Leppäluoto (Vocals), Janne Markus (Guitar)

The fans have been expecting something like that, but nothing of this magnitude.

Tarmo Kanerva (drums) explains what’s going on:

” This decision (to put the band on hold, hit the breaks, stop the carousel) is Ville’s (Laihiala), and he has felt this way from the beginning of this year. Poisonblack is and always was formed by Ville and strongly based on the music and lyrics of Ville. We (other members) fully respect him on this.”

“We definitely faced some sort of lack of a greater mutual agreement on the direction of the band music wise, and our latest record deal ended with Lyijy. It’s not a great asset for new record deal negotiations, if the band itself doesn’t really have a clear vision on their work.”

“We delayed publishing this announcement until the day of the very last gig, since the majority of the band did simply want to enjoy being on stage, and there is no drama between us that would keep us from reuniting some day. With that being said, we do not have any plans for the future as Poisonblack. “

Thank you, Tarmo.

Kouvola, Novemeber 2013.
Kouvola, Novemeber 2013.

This is copied from the band’s Facebook page:


Greetings oxygen spenders. After these last 15 years we have reached the point in our career that it’s time to stop and think about the future. Thou it has been a great ride with ups and downs, great friends, audiences and whatever has been thrown at us, we’re going to hit the brakes now and lay the band to rest. For how long remains to be seen. As you all know, it has to be 100% or not at all. Personally, I really have to think about that long and hard.

On behalf of the band I want to thank the people who have supported us throughout the years. Labels, managers, promoters, clubs, festivals, crews… and especially the fans. Without you this could not have been possible.

Take care y’all



I personally have loved Poisonblack a whole lot. Their music has changed a lot during the years but that’s not a bad thing. The band has always been a great pleasure to meet and have had good fun on stage. Thank you for the music, guys. It has given me a lot, a lot of energy throughout the years!

Share your memories of the band, leave your greetings whatever they are, here on the comment section! We all know they have far more fans than you’d actually think. 


3 thoughts on “POISONBLACK to end their career

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  1. Yes it’s true that you have far more fan than you think.You have fans even in Romania. Of course, for me is a very fucking bad bad news.
    Hmm, time will tell them what to do. Until we meet again, folks, i’ll listen all that six albums and hope that this special finnish band will arise from their ashes. And now, please ex(e)cuse me while i’ll kill myself by poisoning with BlackPoison.


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