I come with great news

This has been a good week. Firstly, Finland has advanced to the final of the ice hockey World Championship. Secondly, Insomnium released the album details of their upcoming record on their official Facebook page. The album is called Winter’s Gate (originally Talven Portti in Finnsh), and will consist of one forty-minute song based on a award-winning short story about Vikings written in 2007. What makes this even more astounding is the fact that the band’s vocalist/bassist Niilo Sevänen is the author of the story! Apparently, in addition to producing great growls and bass lines, Sevänen is also a top-notch writer. The album will come with the actual book in Finnish, English and German. I can barely stay in my pants. I really like these kinds of conceptual albums, since one of my all-time favourite albums happens to be the one-hour-one-song album Light of Day, Day of Darkness by Norwegian Green Carnation. I really can’t wait for this! Winter’s Gate will be out on September 23rd.

And there were even more good news to come. I assume we have all been greatly affected by the great void Poisonblack left in the Finnish music scene when the band reported that they would take a hiatus and possibly will not return anymore. Now it turns out that vocalist/guitarist Ville Laihiala has started a new band called S-TOOL. Soundi reports that the band, in addition to Laihiala, consists of drummer Aksu Hanttu (Entwine), bassist Kimmo Hiltunen (Lullacry) and guitarist Sami Leppikangas. Laihiala describes the band’s sound as more straightforward and heavier than Poisonblack and Sentenced, and he draws parallels to Pantera and Entombed. Check out the new video for Shovel Man below!


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