Throes of Dawn and Furciferi at Leipätehdas, Vaasa 7.4.

I had never listened to Throes of Dawn until about two weeks ago when I figured I had to check the band out since they were booked to play at Leipätehdas, a venue which happens to be located like twenty metres from the flat I am renting. I am very glad that I did, but I am at the same time ashamed of myself for not having established an acquaintance with this band earlier. Throes of Dawn has for some reason completely gone under my radar. But better late than never.

A local band called Furciferi played first at this Volume Metal Night. I find it difficult to say very much about the band since I had only heard a demo song in advance, but I think they delivered a nice gig with good drive in the songs. The sound was pretty blurred, but that is usually the case when a band with two guitars plays in a fairly small venue. Also, my earplugs are of very low quality, which at least does not improve the experience for me. Anyway, the guys in the band seemed to enjoy themselves and warmed up the audience well for the headliner of the evening.

Another local band, Psalms for the Dead Sun, was also supposed to play this evening, but unfortunately had to cancel their gig due to illness. I have seen them once before when they opened for Poisonblack, and it was a pleasant surprise that time. Thus, I had been looking forward to see them again, so the cancellation was a shame.

I did not have much time to familiarize myself with the songs of Throes of Dawn, but I listened to their most recent album called Our Voices Shall Remain and found myself enjoying it a great deal. The band played several songs from this, to my delight. The opening track Mesmerize is really quite an unusual type of song to open with since it starts out calmly and fairly quietly, but I think it works really well in this case. The song builds up towards the end and sets the mood for the rest of the show. From the same album we also got to hear We Used to Speak in Colours, The Undestanding, the excellent Lifelines and the title track Our Voices Shall Remain with the cool bass line which I like a lot.

Naturally, Throes of Dawn also played older songs like Transcendence and Vertigo from the album Quicksilver Clouds. I did not recognize all the songs of the night since I have not heard enough of the material prior to the gig, so I cannot say too much about the setlist. This means that I am not fully qualified to write this, but I think the band deserves the publicity. Throes of Dawn is nowadays based in Helsinki, but was originally formed in Vaasa as early as 1994. This fact was recognized and the guys finished off the gig with the title track of the first album Pakkasherra. The audience seemed to appreciate this.

Throes of Dawn’s music has some really interesting Pink Floyd-vibes, perhaps especially heard in the guitar solos of the new album, and these solos are in my opinion truly enjoyable. I really like the atmosphere of the music in general. It should be said that the new material with mostly clean vocals is quite different from the older more death/black metallic stuff, but I for one really think the guys have found their own thing here now.

Throes of Dawn will play at Tuska in Helsinki this summer, and I encourage everyone who is going there to check the band out. Outdoor festival most likely means better sound quality and such, so I am sure that will be a great gig. Also, do check out Our Voices Shall Remain because it is a very good album. I leave this here:


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