Festival Report: Saturday 1.7 at Provinssi, Seinäjoki

As usual, Provinssi offered a large variety of artists and bands in various genres during three days’ time. Some of this year’s drawing cards in rock and metal were The Killers, Airbourne, The Hives, In Flames, Danzig, Children of Bodom, Sabaton, Moonsorrow and Amaranthe.

Let us begin with the bad news. It was my intention to get to the festival area in time for Moonsorrow, but I was delayed and did not get to hear more than about 20 minutes of the gig. I apologize for this inconvenience. However, I did like what I heard from the band even though I only heard a part of one song in addition to the lengthy end song Ihmisen Aika (Kumarrus Pimeyteen). In my opinion, Moonsorrow is one of few bands that can use Finnish lyrics in a decent manner. Sadly, now I do not know what songs the played.

There is something with the Viking(/black) metal that Moonsorrow plays that works really well live, but I cannot pinpoint what it is. Moonsorrow played at four o’clock this time, and I think their show would be more suitable for later in the evening when it is a little darker. On the other hand, it does not really get dark at all this time of the year as long as the weather is clear, so the difference would perhaps not be significant. I hope that I will get the chance to see a complete set from Moonsorrow soon.

Swedish Amaranthe plays frequently in Finland and I have seen them live many times although it is not really my kind of music to listen to otherwise. Anyway, they are always good live and their music is such that it is very catchy in a live context. The band seems to be very popular in Finland and therefore always attracts a large audience. Their live show is very professional. This time Amaranthe played songs such as Maximize, Boomerang, The Nexus, Amaranthine, That Song and Drop Dead Cynical.

I have heard most of these songs many times now, so it would be nice if the band could update the setlist and play some more unusal songs. I will also repeat my complaint from last weekend, since I think Amaranthe could skip the encore and just play all the songs without the late break to go off the stage. Otherwise, I enjoy seeing Amaranthe every time because they play and sing very well. Furthermore, the audience seemed to like it a great deal and the atmosphere was great during the set.   

I do not have any relation to Danzig, and it might be that I have not even heard any other songs than Dirty Black Summer and Mother before I listened through what the band played on their last gig. I did not expect much from the Americans since they got some really shitty reviews of their gig in Sweden on Thursday. However, I think this was a fairly good performance. Danzig came from the states only to play at Bråvalla in Sweden and at Provinssi, so it is possible that they were jetlagged at their first gig in Sweden. Yes, vocalist Glenn Danzig does not sing very well, but I do not think that anyone really expects that from him anymore. On the other hand he did show some energy this evening, and he was angry in the beginning of the set since something was not right with the vocal sound. He made this very clear by knocking around one of the speakers in front of him a little.

Danzig opened with SkinCarver and also played songs like Twist of Cain, Devil on Hwy 9, Godless, Last Ride and of course both Dirty Black Summer and the last song Mother. The highlight for me was How the God Kills, and many in the audience seemed to enjoy the song as well. A very annoying thing during Danzig’s set was the fact that nobody was allowed to take any pictures, not even with their phones. Apparently, Danzig has some own strange rules about this since it did not apply to any other performances. The annoying thing here was that the security guards run around to stop people from taking pictures or filming during the set. I could not see that it said anywhere that it was not allowed, so most did not know about this. This prohibition is absolutely ridiculous and absurd from Danzig’s part, and I have no idea what the purpose of it is.

In Flames. Goodness gracious, where do I start with this? I have seen the Swedish band several times these last years and I know it is a brilliant live band, but this time was just crazy. The moshpit emerged during the second song Alias, after a slower beginning with the interesting and great Wallflower from the newest album. It then went on for the rest of the songs, and turned into massive pit on command from vocalist Anders Fridén during the last kick-in-the-balls-song Take This Life.

I do not know how they do it, but In Flames’ sound is just so unbelievably massive live. I cannot think of any other band that manages to create such a crushing soundscape and it makes In Flames one of the best live bands currently around. The band included songs like Deliver Us, Where the Dead Ships Dwell, Only for the Weak and the always awesome Cloud Connected, in addition to the already mentioned ones. Fridén also brought his son onto the stage and the band played the song Here until Forever, which is dedicated to the kiddo. This was an emotional and well performed song. In conclusion, In Flames crushed and the audience went nuts.

Provinssi was a huge success this year with a total of 65 000 attendants on three days. 25 000 visited the festival on Saturday. It usually rains when I visit Provinssi, but this time the weather was fantastic, which probably contributes to the high attendance. The best thing with the festival is the audience since the atmosphere is always great and people are not afraid to express their feelings towards the music through a certain type of motion. I have a feeling that I will be there next year as well, and I look forward to know the selection of bands already.

P.S. I could not find any relevant pictures for this post. Sorry about that.


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