Metal from Finland (also referenced as MFF) is a very ambitious project that started out as a one man’s project in Myspace. I opened my profile later known as MetalGod’s Corner to Myspace on July 2006.

MetalGod’s Corner was born shortly after I opened my profile to Myspace. It made sense cause being just a regular “person” in Myspace to me felt useless and I wanted to build my profile around something.

During summer 2008 I decided to close the MetalGod profile in Myspace since I was focused on our MFF-profile and I hardly ever even visited MetalGod-profile anymore.

Tero Tolkki
Metal From Finland

Metal From Finland Blogs

Why do we have blogs here in Metal From Finland? Isn’t it because everyone else has blogs too these days? Perkele no! The thing is that through blogs we are able to share content that otherwise we couldn’t share through the mothersite. We will have concert reviews, album reviews and articles in general here in MFF Blogs and to those we have no room in MFF mothersite.

We are hoping to make MFF Blogs very successful in the future but it requires tons of work. But it’s work we are willing to do and we will do as well.

Want to start blogging for MFF?

Are you interested of writing blogs to Metal From Finland? Send e-mail to webmaster@metalfromfinland.com and tell us little about yourself. But most importantly, answer to the following things when writing the e-mail to us:

  • How old are you?
  • Is your english fluent and do you have time to do this
  • What are you favourite finnish bands
  • What would be the things you would like to write about in MFF blogs?

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