The Man-Eating Tree; in the Absence of Light

The Man-Eating Tree has been around since 2009 and this is their 3rd album, that came out the day of the big solar eclipse; March 20th 2015. They (too) have gone through some changes personnel-wise; a new singer and the keyboardist is now gone, and now their line-up looks like this: Antti Kumpulainen - Vocals... Continue Reading →


“Metal from Finland”-compilation

“Metal from Finland” is a compilation album containing two CDs and no less than 26 songs of 26 different Finnish metal and rock bands. This is not a compilation of the greatest and most famous Finnish bands, but rather a compilation of bands on the rise. The album has come into existence through collaboration between... Continue Reading →

Nightwish for Beginners.

The problem with most album or band reviews online is that they are being done by people who are already fans of the group. Unfortunately, many fans will love anything their favorite band puts out and will give 5 stars to an otherwise 2 star performance. It is nearly impossible to find a band on Ticketmaster with... Continue Reading →

Tuomas Holopainen – The Life and Times of Scrooge

For people who are not familiar with the story, it may seem a bit odd to base an entire album upon a 20-year old comic book series in 12 chapters about the life of a filthy rich duck. Anyone who read the story, however, will know that Don Rosas by now classic “The Life and... Continue Reading →

Shear – Katharsis

Oh this album is one tough mother.  Back in 2012 when Shear released their debut album "Breaking the Stillness" I was already then convinced about their potential. They received quite flattering reviews on their debut album and why not, it was a solid album but in all fairness, not as solid as their latest... Continue Reading →

Insomnium – Shadows Of The Dying Sun

I must admit that when I received the promoversion of the new Insomnium album the first thing that came to my mind was "How weird is that they are releasing their album on spring?" Isn't Insomnium just the type of music that should be released on the darkest days of autumn when everything is dark,... Continue Reading →

Review: Church of the Dead – Vol. I Stay Out of My Grave

CHURCH OF THE DEAD “Vol 1 – Stay Out Of My Grave” NightLust Records, January 11, 2013 Tracklist: 1. Intro/ Nekrovulture 2. Beheaded, Scooped & Displayed 3. The Abyss If you thought that Helsinki only produces metal in tune with the trends, you might be surprised by this. CHURCH OF THE DEAD has a "back... Continue Reading →

Review: The Man-Eating Tree – Harvest

Now this was a very nice surprise for our dull and boring and ever darkening autumn days! Shamefully I am admitting that I did let the debut album of The Man-Eating Tree go past me but luckily I took the time with their sophmore album "Harvest". I have kept repeating the same thing over and... Continue Reading →

Review: Reckless Love – Animal Attraction

If I had to describe this album in one word, I'd use "fun". Because of the fact that 90% of Reckless Love's lyrics are about sex, and that many of their songs can easily be described as "poppy" or even "commercial", they are definitely one of those bands that you can either love or hate.... Continue Reading →

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