POISONBLACK to end their career

Sad news, friends. Poisonblack has decided that 15 years ad 6 albums of music is enough. Poisonblack was formed in 2000 in Oulu, and the line-up these last few years looked like this: Ville Laihiala - Vocals, Guitar Tarmo Kanerva - Drums Antti Remes - Bass Marco Sneck - Keyboards Antti Leiviskä - Guitar Previous... Continue Reading →


Dance on the Graves – a Tribute to SENTENCED

 Click on the pics to enlarge them! January 10th, The Circus, Hellsinki Finland. This was the most awesome book release party I have ever attended. Täältä pohjoiseen - Sentencedin tarina is a book written by Matti Riekki, a long-time (lifetime?) follower of Sentenced and a professional rock journalist. Freely translated the title is (of course)... Continue Reading →

RIP Ronnie James Dio – The Voice is silenced but never forgotten

Ronnie James Dio (July 10, 1942 – May 16, 2010) was an American  heavy metal vocalist and songwriter. He performed with, amongst others, Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell, and his own band Dio. Other musical projects include the collective fundraiser Hear 'n Aid. He was widely hailed as one of the most powerful... Continue Reading →

Peter Steele – Type O Negative – RIP 1962 – 2010

I am a bit late with this one however I did write this to the Metal From Finland Forum (http://forum.metalfromfinland.com) earlier already. Metal community around the world was shocked to hear the passing of Peter Steele (born Peter T. Ratajczyk), bass player and frontman of Type O Negative. Although Type O Negative and Peter Steele... Continue Reading →

In Memory: Miika Tenkula

Thursday, February 19th it started spreading over the internet: Sentenced-guitarist and songwriter Miika Tenkula had been found dead at his home. This news shocked the Finnish metal community very much. And in matter of hours the news had spreaded all over the world. People were mourning the death of this very talented and nice person.... Continue Reading →

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