Metal Mom

I have always like heavier music but my taste has been getting even heavier over the years, and since I moved to USA back in 2003 I’m finding myself listening to mostly Finnish metal. I haven’t been able to travel back to Finland since moved and that sucks, especially during the summer months I would love to be in Finland and go to all those festivals and see all those bands live! I’m hoping to see any and all Finnish bands that happen to be touring the States, as a
matter of fact I have tickets to see my favorite, Sonata Arctica, in September right here in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Some of my other favorites include Nightwish, Stratovarius, Sentenced, Amorphis

At the moment I work at home as a daycare provider (fancy way to say babysitter) which is great, I get to listen to music and pretty much do what ever I want for a few hours while kids are at school. Unfortunately my 3 kids don’t appreciate metal too much but they are used to it and they do like some songs they hear so I think there’s hope for them yet! After all they are still young, 10, 7 and 6 years old. The middle one is most likely to start really liking metal, he’s already half way there. Me, I’m never gonna stop loving metal from Finland!

Rock on Finland! Perkele!

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