Gems of the North

Today is a theme day called Nordic Day, and it is only right to promote cooperation and companionship beyond country borders in times like these. So, in honour of the day I would like to seize the opportunity to bring out some cool bands, not only from Finland, but also from Finland’s Nordic fellow countries.... Continue Reading →


Festival report: Thursday 30.6 at Provinssi, Seinäjoki

Provinssi is one of the largest festivals in Finland, and the selection of artists and bands is very versatile. The drawing card this year was Rammstein, who performed on Saturday. Other bands and artists on the festival were Biffy Clyro, Bring Me the Horizon, Action Bronson, Silvana Imam and many others. I was only present... Continue Reading →

Festival report: Saturday 25.6 at Nummirock, Kauhajoki

Midsummer is for many metalheads in Finland strongly associated with Nummirock. This year was special since the festival celebrated 30 years, which tells quite a great deal about its popularity and status. This was the third time I visited the festival with its beautiful scenery next to lake Nummijärvi. Nummirock is dedicated to quite extreme... Continue Reading →

Festival report: Saturday 11.6 at South Park Festival, Tampere

The festival season has now started for my part as I attended South Park festival as one should in June. This time only Saturday for me though. This year the festival offered acts such as Slayer, Triptykon, Amorphis and Battle Beast on Friday, while Bullet for My Valentine was the headliner on Saturday after Soilwork,... Continue Reading →

The Man-Eating Tree; in the Absence of Light

The Man-Eating Tree has been around since 2009 and this is their 3rd album, that came out the day of the big solar eclipse; March 20th 2015. They (too) have gone through some changes personnel-wise; a new singer and the keyboardist is now gone, and now their line-up looks like this: Antti Kumpulainen - Vocals... Continue Reading →

Interview with Mikko Virtanen (GRENDEL / DEAD END FINLAND)

If you have an interest in Finnish death metal or in this year's top releases, you are likely to come across the name of Mikko Virtanen. Vocalist of GRENDEL and DEAD END FINLAND, he had a few words with us about how it is to be a metal musician in the highly competitive Finland, and... Continue Reading →

What I Know About Finns – PART III: Drinking

Where is this myth coming from? that Finns drink more than others, when official charts clearly show that alcohol consumption is higher in over a dozen of other countries?! Check the official facts and you will be amazed:

What I Know About Finns – PART II: Metal rules!

Countless lines are still being written on this! I won't make any grand intro, but begin with bringing to your attention a magnificent work that every metalhead/rocker must know of - the 'Promised Land of Heavy Metal' documentary (watch trailer here). It's a successful work and there are plenty of replay requests to the Finnish... Continue Reading →

What I Know About Finns – PART I: My first experiences

It was year 2000, meaning over 9 yrs ago, when I first had contact with what I was about to call 'my true brothers in the North'. In all this time I haven't spent a day without establishing a connection in some way with these people: reading articles, history and literature, observing forums and discussion... Continue Reading →

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