Vote: If you could decide, which band would return: Sentenced or HIM

Ok granted this is just for fun cause we all know Sentenced will never come back and my highest respect goes to them for sticking on that decision. Rumor is they were offered quite a large amount of money to do just one show but they declined from that too. Anyways, both great bands, Sentenced... Continue Reading →


Is HIM really a metal band?

The End Records digitally reissued HIM’s early albums in the United States this year. Previously, iTunes only offered a handful of albums and a few singles, so the reviews left by some of the first time listeners were pretty interesting. While sifting through the many “Ville Valo is a god” reviews, I came across “this... Continue Reading →

HIM: Screamworks: Love In Theory And Practice

"Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice" is the seventh studio album by the Finnish "love metal" band HIM, released on the 8th of Febuary, together with a bonus CD called "Baudelaire in Braille", which contains all the 13 tracks from the first CD, recorded acoustically. Frontman Ville Valo described the album as being "about both... Continue Reading →

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