Insomnium, Swallow the Sun and Pressure Points at Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki 14.10

Okay, so there are several reasons to why I should not write this: I wrote about Insomnium as recently as in June when they played at Provinssi in this same city. Risk for clouded sense of objectivity due to fanboyism. I should be working on my M.A. thesis. However, there is one important thing that... Continue Reading →


Festival report: Thursday 30.6 at Provinssi, Seinäjoki

Provinssi is one of the largest festivals in Finland, and the selection of artists and bands is very versatile. The drawing card this year was Rammstein, who performed on Saturday. Other bands and artists on the festival were Biffy Clyro, Bring Me the Horizon, Action Bronson, Silvana Imam and many others. I was only present... Continue Reading →

Insomnium – Shadows Of The Dying Sun

I must admit that when I received the promoversion of the new Insomnium album the first thing that came to my mind was "How weird is that they are releasing their album on spring?" Isn't Insomnium just the type of music that should be released on the darkest days of autumn when everything is dark,... Continue Reading →

Insomnium – Across The Dark

My dearest readers...picture this: Heart of winter. Late night. -25 degrees celcius outside. The only light in the outside comes from the full moon that reflects from the virgin white snow. In the middle of nowhere there is a cottage and you can only see dim light coming from one window. Through the window you... Continue Reading →

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