Why is KORPIKLAANI  so underrated in Finland?

Because we are stupid, that's why. Korpiklaani is one of the most popular and well-known metal ambassadors, yet they are not featured in the radio (which we have established earlier, is shit here in the great FIN). They have half a million Facebook followers. They are constantly deployed on big ass tours all around the... Continue Reading →


Jonne Järvelä’s (Korpiklaani) solo venture.

  Korpiklaani frontman Jonne Järvelä is working on a solo album and was kind enough to give everyone a listen of two tracks, 'Kuku käki' and 'Metsään on iäksi mieli.'I have become accustomed to an artist releasing a solo album that sounds like it should have just been a new release by the full band they are known... Continue Reading →

Korpiklaani live at Rockin’ Transilvania

Although the stadium's doors had opened at around 12:00, by the time seven Romanian bands started the Wacken Open Metal Battle there were 39 people in total. At that time, you could still see Jonne Järvelä and Jarkko Aaltonen walking around, buying other bands' merchandise or watching the first concerts, completely ignored by most people,... Continue Reading →

Korpiklaani – Karkelo

The Finnish folk metal band Korpiklaani has recorded a new album every year since 2005 until now. Released in June 2009, "Karkelo" [Finnish for "Party"] is their sixth studio album and it sounds just like their older albums, except that this one comes with a change: only two songs from this album are in English,... Continue Reading →

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