Ten awesome songs by ten not so renowned Finnish bands

As President Obama recently noticed, Finland may be the country in the world with the most metal bands per capita. This means that the metal genre is responsible for most of Finland's music export, which seems very much plausible due to prominent bands such as Nightwish, Children of Bodom, Amorphis, HIM and many more. However,... Continue Reading →


TRACEDAWN, the “Turbocharged” Death Metal Act of Finland – Interview with Guitarist Roni Seppänen

Year 2008, TRACEDAWN's first release sees the light of day and in no time the band is booked for venues like Wacken Open Air and Summer Breeze in Germany, and Tuska Open Air in Finland. In 2012 they advance their third studio album, 'Lizard Dusk', and a new frontman - Niko Kalliojärvi, the much-acclaimed former... Continue Reading →

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