Vote: If you could decide, which band would return: Sentenced or HIM

Ok granted this is just for fun cause we all know Sentenced will never come back and my highest respect goes to them for sticking on that decision. Rumor is they were offered quite a large amount of money to do just one show but they declined from that too. Anyways, both great bands, Sentenced... Continue Reading →


Dance on the Graves – a Tribute to SENTENCED

 Click on the pics to enlarge them! January 10th, The Circus, Hellsinki Finland. This was the most awesome book release party I have ever attended. Täältä pohjoiseen - Sentencedin tarina is a book written by Matti Riekki, a long-time (lifetime?) follower of Sentenced and a professional rock journalist. Freely translated the title is (of course)... Continue Reading →

Justice for SENTENCED

The ever-adored SENTENCED is a band with a legendary reputation in its hometown and now graveyard, Oulu. Although disbanded in 2005, the local fans have never ceased to keep their feelings strong. It was a very special happening for me to find out from certain fans of the band, Oulu musicians even, a story that... Continue Reading →

In Memory: Miika Tenkula

Thursday, February 19th it started spreading over the internet: Sentenced-guitarist and songwriter Miika Tenkula had been found dead at his home. This news shocked the Finnish metal community very much. And in matter of hours the news had spreaded all over the world. People were mourning the death of this very talented and nice person.... Continue Reading →

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