Festival report: Radio City South Park, Tampere 5-6.6

This year's Radio City South Park festival had a considerably more international and stronger line up than last year with bands such as Def Leppard, Accept, Helloween, Extreme and Masterplan. The festival was a success as the number of visitors reached about 11 000, which is a clear improvement from 2014. Friday The progressive power... Continue Reading →


Stratovarius – Elysium

Elysium is the second Stratovarius album after Timo Tolkki gathered his stuff and left. Many things have been said over the years but the thing that really matters is the music and Stratovarius delivers what their fans expect. But then again, it's enough to have Kotipelto singing and Johansson play his keyboards to make it... Continue Reading →

Stratovarius – Polaris

There is little denying what Stratovarius has ment to power metal scene over the years. For sure Stratovarius has been one of the great ones always when it comes to that genre. Unfortunately for Stratovarius they have been known for more than just their music also and their numerous publicity stunts and public fights have... Continue Reading →

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