Insomnium, Swallow the Sun and Pressure Points at Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki 14.10

Okay, so there are several reasons to why I should not write this: I wrote about Insomnium as recently as in June when they played at Provinssi in this same city. Risk for clouded sense of objectivity due to fanboyism. I should be working on my M.A. thesis. However, there is one important thing that... Continue Reading →


REVIEW: Swallow the Sun – New Moon (because it’s never too late!)

I love the dark atmosphere and the 'weight' of this record. No wonder why so many people were very enthusiastic about it. Many bands have failed in keeping their strength; StS is not among them! I'm searching for the words to describe this album, but it's hard to find them. There's a mix of dark states of mind, of something strong and something that falls apart, crumbling down... of anger that turns too soon into total weakness... The emotions come clear through it. Perhaps "rebellious agony" could be a good description.

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