Nightwish for Beginners.

The problem with most album or band reviews online is that they are being done by people who are already fans of the group. Unfortunately, many fans will love anything their favorite band puts out and will give 5 stars to an otherwise 2 star performance. It is nearly impossible to find a band on Ticketmaster with... Continue Reading →


Tarja Turunen covering Whitesnake, this hurts!

I just had to write about this...usually I have nothing against bands covering other bands cause 99 out of 100 it is done out of respect and maybe even that poor 1/100 tries to do it out of respect too but fails miserably. And doing covers is always a good thing. But some laws should... Continue Reading →

Tarja Turunen’s Christmas Projects

Everything started when Tarja was three years old and sang her first Christmas song in front of an audience, in the church of Kitee. She sang "En etsi valtaa, loistoa" and she was so small that she had to stand on a table, so that the people would also see her, and not just hear... Continue Reading →

Tarja Turunen live in Bucharest

"I have a little wish to come back here, in Sibiu, in 2007." Tarja Turunen said in the ending of an interview taken after the last one of her classical concerts, in December 2005. After almost four years of waiting, Tarja's Romanian fans were thrilled when the wait had finally ended. A concert was announced... Continue Reading →

Interview: Tarja Turunen, Kerrang 2009 (Translation)

Shortly after her four concerts in Buenos Aires and the collaboration with Rata Blanca in Luna Park, Tarja Turunen told us how she is preparing for the Metalway Festival and her expectations of "What Lies Beneath". At the Obelisk of Buenos Aires, she was interviewed by Cesar Fuentes Rodriguez. Pictures taken by Fernando Serani. First... Continue Reading →

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